Hanover Grange International Art Gallery


International Art Collection
Hanover Grange was designed to accommodate a number of art works from Theresa's collection of international painting and sculpture.

This presentation includes videos of Iyvone Khoo and a slideshow of artworks by International artists: David Begbie, Hugo Dalton, James Gillick, Margarita Hernandez, Kurt Jackson, Sam Jackson, Oleg Tolstoy and Craig Wylie.


Jamaican Art Collection
The Long Gallery at Hanover Grange displays a number of art works from Theresa's collection of Jamaican painting and sculpture. This next presentation includes work of Jamaican artists Keisha Castello, Michael 'Flyn' Elliott, Laura Hamilton, Albert Huie, Christopher Irons, Monique Lofters, George Rodney, Paul Stoppi, and Kristina Rowe.


Video Art Collection
London based, Singaporean artist Iyvone Khoo's work explores the transient nature of experience and perception.

'30 Seconds Liminality' by Iyvone Khoo

'30 Seconds Solar Waves' by Iyvone Khoo

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